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For some reason I have to log in each time I visit the site from my living room computer.  I've gone to the settings and slicked the stay logged in box but that hasn't helped at all.  Any suggestions?  I don't mind spending my work time on the site but  it would be nice to be able to waste time here and drink beer at the same time.

Cookie settings?

When I go to the help page and click Login I am directed to a Simple Machines log in  page.  There is a box to check to stay logged in forever my username and password don't exist.  Do I have to also register with simple machine?

When I log in the first time on a computer I click the LOGIN link on the links bar directly below the AHA banner. Then select the stay logged in box after entered user ID and password. that's all it takes.

HOWEVER when using a more secured computer on which the browser setting themselves have been set to not allow cookies it will never remember your login stuff.

Check the browser settings on the computer that doesn't remember your login and see if it is allowing cookies.

It has to be your security settings. Try using firefox instead of IE.

Or change your OS altogether and use ubuntu. ::)


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