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Fly Fisherpeople....tyers?? BEAUTIFUL

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Offer is Gone

Hey all this guy was out in the yard froz stiff this mornin.

Beautiful plumage.  I am keepin the tail feathers!!

However, If anyone else wants the other plumage, Let me know ASAP
and I will pluck em out of the carcass bag em up and IF you agree to
pay shipping, Glad to send them to you....  PM format please....
I will Not be liable for any unknown microbial issues as a result of
the reciept of this plumage.  Don't know why he died, Poison? No gunshot wound....??
Offer can stand until 2-20-13 cause after that hes gettin stale

Wyoming Fish and Game was contacted and they did NOT want the carcass.  It was destined
to reside in the dead animal pit at the landfill so I thought maybe someone would want ....


Is that a magpie? We don't get anything like that in this half of the country.

Wow, those are beautiful feathers. Interesting that the body is black & white and the tail is, uh... awesome for lack of a better term. Hazel maybe?

sure looks like a mag pie

Jimmy K:

--- Quote from: anje on February 19, 2013, 08:16:50 PM ---We don't get anything like that in this half of the country.

--- End quote ---
We do have wood ducks


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