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I've sampled different bourbons and have narrowed it down to this list.  Thanks in advance for your vote!

Fantastic list that included almsot all of my favorites. I was stationed at Ft. Knox for 2 years with the 1st Infantry Division so I became somewhat of a bourbon snob during my many visits to the distilleries along the Bourbon Trail.. My go to has always been Makers or Knob so you can't go wrong there. I think you should nix Woodford, it's just not on par with other bourbons. It always tastes a little young and less refined. If you're looking for some spice to augment I would suggest a Knob Creek Rye. Makers and Knob Creek have a high corn content in the mash bill, something like 75% with just a touch of Rye. So you get a lot sweeter bourbon. If you want that flavor to really shine through with a little bit of snap, a Rye bourbon would be greater. Four Roses is another stellar bourbon even though they primarily export to Japan and are just starting to show up again in the States. Again it's more of a corn bourbon. Buffalo Trace isn't one I have a lot of experience with. Might I also suggest adding Eagle Rare? It's distilled in limited quantities every year, one of my all time favorites and I never miss a chance to snag a bottle if I happen to see it on a shelf.

Our club has made some wonderful porters and stouts using Heaven Hill's Elijah Craig barrels.  I used to be a Maker's Mark man until I tried Woodford Reserve, BTW.

Joe Sr.:
IMO, you don't need expensive bourbon to add to a beer.  You can get cheaper bourbons with good flavor that will work just fine for your purposes here (and some are fine for sipping, too).

From your list, I would go with Four Roses (I assume yellow label) or Maker's.

Some of the less expensive ones you might consider would include Heaven Hill, Ancient Age, Old Weller, or Very Old Barton.  I went on a budget bourbon tasting spree a year or so ago and these were some of the better ones.  HH I'd probably reserve for mixers, but the other three do quite well on their own.

For the price of Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek, I'd pour it over a couple cubes rather than into a beer.

+1 to a good tasting budget bourbon.  Woodford or Knob would be lost under the layers of dark malt.  Sounds awesome though.  I'm brewing an oaked bourbon imperial porter soon.  Let us know how it comes out !


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