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Are you using a refractometer or hydrometer to take your readings?

Also that is a fairly large amount of crystal malts, close to 10%. gonna leave a fair amount of unfermentables.

+1.  A ton of unfermentables.  I think it's fermented all it can.

i disagree.  10% crystal malts isn't what I'd consider a ton.  I'd still expect him to get in the mid to high teens with that grain bill, OG and yeast combo.  my porter uses 14% crystal malt and I still get 75-76% attenuation with chico.  I think he may have gotten a FUBAR batch of yeast - happens sometimes - when Denny's 50 first came out (when it was 2450 not 1450) it was a PITA to use. 

I use a hydrometer. I don't think 3# of crystal (9.75%)  on a 30.75# grain bill is an excessive amount of unfermentables. There's plenty of recipes that call for between 5-10# crystal malts. I wouldn't go higher than 10%. 

I was expecting 75-80% attenuation from this yeast which would give me 1.018 even with the crystal. This yeast has a high tolerance to alcohol, I'm at 6% ABV now.   I just have my doubts after 20 days.

Do you have any tricks to get another 10 points out of it?

The grain bill is fine,  1.016 is not at all unattainable. The yeast starter of 2qts for 2 vials is inadequate- even if you got the yeast from white labs this morning. And 4 days on the stir plate, why? The temperature is fine also. How old was the yeast, one fermentor or two?


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