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Just filled my gas can. That big ol Snowblower of mine aint gonna do me no good if I aint got no gas. We are expecting 1 to 3 inches overnight and 6 to 12 inches tomorrow.
Closet full of canned food...check
10 gallons of bottled water...check
10 cases and a keg of beer....check
Bring it on

I assume the bottled water is for brewing more beer.

I like the way you think. Now that right there is what it takes to be a survivor.

What about a generator?  I was shocked when we didn't lose power when we got 20" and blizzard conditions about a week ago.

Maybe all the weak trees have all fallen down with the storms we've had the past 5 years (ice storm 2008 - 6 days out, wind storm 2010 - 2 days, Hurricane Irene - only 2 hours, Hurricane Sandy - 36 hours, various winter and summer storms, etc ).

I definitely need to get one of those.


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