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Good day ladies and gents,

I live in Miami, FL.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to get some bottles.  Or if you know of a good website please let me know.

Thank you for any information.

Nico Miranda  8)

If you don't mind taking labels off of them then have your friends save them for you.  If not any local home brew store should sell them.

I started brewing 10 gal. batches, built up a big back log of beer, and ran out of bottles.  So I started scavenging on recycling day on my way into work.  I have identified several source houses.  It's amazing how consistent people are - some people never drink, some others always drink wine, beer in cans, or screw tops.  And there are some households that put out a couple of six packs of pry-off bottles every week.  (A subset of these include smokers who drop butts in their empties, etc. but you learn to avoid those houses quickly.)

Obviously, you need to give them a good rinse and a soak in PBW.  But they clean up just fine.  (Soaking in a bucket of warm water with a little amonia takes most labels off easily.)

For my first few batches I just bit the bullet and bought a few cases from my LHBS as I needed them. Now that I have a decent stockpile, I can get by just by reusing what I have. If I find myself a little short when it comes time to bottle a batch, I may just end up "culling" a few bottles from an old batch that I wasn't a huge fan of or has gone past its prime.

good thing about ohio and no bottle deposit/refund. go to any bar and they are happy to give you bottles!


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