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i stock piled some buy buying sam adams at costco.  then when ever i would buy something i would want to try.  most of mine are label free now.  but when i need to take off labels sam adams comes off very easy.  not so easy with all brands.  i just soak in ammonia  for a few hours and off it comes.

You are obviously not drinking enough. ;)

I gathered up a rather large stockpile just through trying out new beers.

Jimmy K:
I get mine from the liquor store. More expensive but they come with free beer ;)

I still bottle most of my beer and my bottles come from bought six packs, friends/coworkers, or Costco cases.   Friends and coworkers get paid back with some of their bottles returned filled with beer. Its a great way for me to keep getting bottles from people.  At Costco its either Sam Adams or Kirkland brand. At one point it cost almost the same for a case of Kirkland beer as it did to buy empty bottles from a homebrew store. 


--- Quote from: mtnrockhopper on February 21, 2013, 04:25:14 AM ---I get mine from the liquor store. More expensive but they come with free beer ;)

--- End quote ---
My first ever batch of beer, I went to a local bar on a saturday night and asked them for all the bottles they used that night. Boy, did they come through. I spent hours cleaning and de-labeling over 100 bottles. I found out the hard way on bottling day that twist-offs don't take crown caps very well...
Almost all of my bottles now come from friends, and the huge variety of beers I like to try.


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