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I agree with all of this. I think a schwarzbier would be the easiest on an extract + specialty basis. take pilsen light extract, and add carafa 3 + some roast and you have it. They are also a bit easier to control because black beers have a lot more room to hide than their lighter brethren.

My first lager was a Cali-common or Steam beer. All I used was straight amber extract and the requisite hops for the style. Turned out quite well.

The common's lagering phase is a bit warmer- basically at ale serving temps so perfect for the kegorator, which is where mine was performed.

thanks for the suggestions
one my first thoughts was a marzen/Oktoberfest but i didn't want wait for the traditional laggering time

i think i will try the Cali-common or schwarzbier

I not  a huge fan of the American style pale lagers minus actually batch 19 from Coors (and similar pre-prohibition pale lagers

after looking at the style guide for a schwarzbier, sounds like it's similar to New Belgium's 1554? If so that is one of my favorite beers from them.

Some good suggestions already.  Had two thoughts:  if you’re steeping w/extract, might be tough to pull off a legit Vienna (if you care about being legit);  Altbier might be another good hybrid to throw in the mix.

Since it's your first lager be sure you pitch enough enough yeast, either the slurry from a gallon starter or multiple packs/vials.


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