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You should not give a range for anything - describe the color, it will not be “dark hay to medium gold”, it will be dark hay, or medium gold, or sunrise straw, or some other description.  In other words, if the beer is medium yellow you would not say it is light yellow to dark yellow.  Say what it is.

For suggestions, don't say things like “consider increasing the amount of roast malt” but feel free to say it needs more roast malt character to better fit the guidelines.  There are a number of ways to increase the perception of roast in a beer, adding more roast malt is just one of them.  Tell them the destination, let them pick the route.

And has been mentioned, balance is in the flavor.  You can mention it again in the overall if you like, but it should be noted in the flavor.

Dang.  Missed diacetyl on a schwartzbier.  Otherwise I think I gave very full, complete answers and picked out what I should have. 

As tom petty says, the waiting is the hardest part.

Thanks to all for the advice!

Good luck!


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