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Keynote speaker for NHC?

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--- Quote from: guido on February 23, 2013, 02:49:29 AM ---
--- Quote from: hopfenundmalz on February 23, 2013, 02:37:35 AM ---Would you be disappointed with Sam Calagione? Not so far from Philly, the chair of the Brewers Association Board, and a big supporter of homebrewing. He is also friends with Vinnie Cilurzo and Ken Grossman, and has to keep up with those guys, as they have been keynote speakers (2011 and 2009 respectively).

Who ever it is, they probably have already been booked, and have the calender cleared for a few days.

--- End quote ---

I could live with Sam, too.  Do you know something  ;)?

--- End quote ---

No one has told me anything about the keynote.

In Oakland in 2009 it was Ken Grossan.
In SD in 2011 it was Vinnie, who grew up in Temecula and had Blind Pig brewing in Temecula.
There just might be a trend that one can see.

Like I said, Sam is the chair of the BA board, and it would be a natural. He also has to keep up with the West Coast Italian brewer (Vinnie)as far as being a keynote speaker. Those guys are friendly rivals, if you have heard them speak, adn the whole "No Randall Required" thing.

I could be wrong. Not the first time.

Sam would be an AWESOME choice.

Entertaining, well-spoken, and really a homebrewer at heart.

...Except that I feel like I've heard (and read) so much from Sam... I'd like someone different.  Garret Oliver?

What about Bill from Victory?  Or Ed Stoudt... they were one of the first brewpubs in the state.

I've met Ed Stoudt.  He has lots of charisma.  He'd be a good speaker.  His wife Carol would also be a good choice.


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