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plugged keg?


I have a keg that flows really slow.  12 psi and it barely comes out the tap.
I did not worry about it much, but last night it started foaming quite a bit.

Pretty sure that the reason is the free floating keg hop sack which may have settled down around the uptake tube...

Could that be, and is that what happens when the uptake tube is blocked?

I guess I should just crack it open and go fishing for that sack?


I think you've got it figured out.  Let us know if that helps.  I would use a sanitized diptube from another keg for the fishing expedition.

Hey thanks Tom. :-[

I went out last night with my prepped fishing stick,
dug out the keg and popped the top.

I looked down in there to see a half filled keg with only a few bubbles on top.
All of a sudden a hop manatee bobbed to the surface!
4 ounces of whole flowers.

Seems relieving the pressure allowed it to re-float?

Dangit, I was enjoying the slow flow, fantasizing that I was getting maximum hop extraction
sucking beer through that hop sack. ::)
Wondering why all of a sudden something happened to cause gasses to some out of solution and start foaming at the tap?

A hop manatee...  ;D

Probably sank down and got lodged in just the right place to disrupt the flow to the diptube. I've also wondered about whether or not you can extract more hop essence that way.

If it surfaces that's way easier than having to fish for it :)

I would imagine it is saturated after a few days in the keg, or at least as far as we can taste.  You never know though, maybe.


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