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Pilsner with WLP833?

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I found a vial of WLP833 that had just reached it's expiration date.  I put it in a 1 L starter and then decanted that and added 2 more L of starter wort  to build it back up and it's going along nicely.
But, I'm not 100% sure what to make with it.  I was originally thinking Maibock for spring but I was wondering if a lower alcohol pilsner would be alright.  I'm not that big on higher abv beers.  What do you think this yeast would do if I used it in a 4.5% pils style?  I normally would use the Mexican Lager strain for this but since I have this yeast ready maybe I'll use it instead.  This should also give me a decent pitch of healthier yeast if I wanted to make a batch or two of O'fest like everyone else is doing...

WLP website indicates 833 has gained popularity for use in a CAP.

I think it would make a great German Pils or Helles.  Go for it!


833 will be a little more malty than 830, but will make a fine Pils.

I just used it in a bopils and the hydro samples so far have been fantastic. 


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