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wlp001 for Scottish 60/ or 70/

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We've all seen this in a particular book but is the California Ale yeast really a good choice for a scottish 60/ or 70/? 
I've got some beer coming off this yeast this week and I want to make at least 10 gals of something easy drinking and lighter in ABV.  I've never done the Scottish ales so before I commit the MO, I wanted to ask if this works for you.

Jimmy K:
I think the point of said book is that there are many ways to get some flavors, yeast is just one. It may not be as authentic a method, but it might be more predictable/easy than getting the right yeast character. And that book is about winning competitions, not brewing authentically.
I've brewed that recipe twice with US-05. Last year it won a ribbon at the Delaware State Fair.

I've only brewed one scottish 60/-. I used the edinbourough yeast and I was amazed at the subtle peaty/earthy/smokey character that yeast added. The rest of the recipe was 98% MO 2% roasted barley so there was some of that smoke from the RB but I think most of it came from the yeast.

So I would be hesitant to use a neutral yeast. I'm sure it would still be good though.

I brewed a split batch of 70/-, fermented half with Wyeast 1056 and half with Safale US-05. When they finished, they tasted so similar I blended them back together. I entered the resulting beer in a (small) competition, and it won best of show.

I brewed the Scottish 70-/ from BCS with WL 001.  It came out great!! Scored a 38 and 39 at a local club comp.  Nice, easy drinking (yet interesting) session beer.


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