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Re: wlp001 for Scottish 60/ or 70/
« Reply #15 on: March 13, 2013, 03:20:22 AM »
So I did the 001/007 split that I mentioned above.  Kegged the 007 version tonight.  Not sure what to say.
The recipe was:
10 lbs Maris Otter
1 lb Caramunich (cause I didn't have any C40)
1/2 lb C120
3 oz Pale Chocolate
40 g of EKG and 10 g of Fuggles (both were the last of what I had and I'd only use 40g if fresher)
1 vial of WLP007 without a starter or re-pitch of WLP001
Mashed at 156 for 60 mins.
OG 1.037
FG 1.010
Fermented at 68F

The beer is interesting.  It has an almost "maple syrup" aftertaste.  I think that may be from the C120 but I've never used that much caramunich before either.  It could be some diacetyl but I am not very perceptive when it comes to diacetyl plus I've done an awful lot of beer at this temp with this yeast and haven't had this sort of taste.  I think the high amount of crystal that I put in is dominating the flavour. 

Plus, the beer is clearly over attenuated.  It's pretty thin at 1.010.  I have a pitch of WLP002 working on another beer and I think a re-brew with less crystal and a less attenuative yeast is in order. 

I would also suggest that maybe I underpitched by using just a vial without a starter.  I know at this OG I shouldn't absolutely need to but the vial was at the far end of the "best before" window as well so I think I'm getting a bit of ester production from the under pitch.  A batch of English IPA is next on the agenda using this yeast and I'll be able to pitch it much higher (and then split it for a double batch of the same assuming everything goes as planned).

Gonna keg the WLP001 version tomorrow and see how it compares.