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My Recent Experience with Citra

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So I've never made a Citra focused beer before - its always been a small component of a large hop bill.  Recently, I have been trying to develop hop profiles that are significantly different across my IPA, APA, Amber and Am Brown, so I decided a few weeks ago to make an APA that is Citra dominant.

Basically, Flavor, Whirlpool and Dryhopping are all 50% Citra, 25% Centennial, 25% Cascade.

It seems to me that DOMINANT is the word.  I just took a sample of one of the kegs that is carbing and it is intense tangerine and mango aroma, and it seems to have no other hop profile than the Citra - I can't pick up any of the expected aromatics or flavor of the other two hops.  I expected more pine and grapefruit and general citric aromas to at least be present. 

Is this abnormal or is this what you guys experience?  I'm thinking I'm going to be a little less heavy handed with Citra in the future - I like it in the background, but its a bit overpowering for me as a feature hop.

+1.  The tangerine /orange is very intense.  I like it but not always at its level of intensity.  I will say that the pungency and pine of Chinook did come through against Citra in my last IPA.

Citra is indeed a very intense hop.  A friend of mine recently blended 50/50 Citra and Centennial in an APA/IPA.  There's no telling there was any Centennial in that beer -- it tastes exactly the same as his 100% Citra APA.

I do believe that it might blend okay with very strong hops such as Simcoe and Mosaic, maybe Columbus.  But otherwise, take it easy on the Citra or it will indeed overpower everything else.

My hops have essential oils of about 1%. Citra can be as high as 3%. They can dominate.

Are these 2012 crop? I found the 2011s to be fairly delicate with the mango/guava-ish thing dominant and very little citrus. I haven't brewed with 2012s yet.


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