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My Recent Experience with Citra

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I have made 20 gallons (2 batches) of a Zombie Dust clone (citra was the only hop) using two different sources of 2011 hops, and both were very enjoyable.  The FreshHops leaf hops made the best batch.  I recently tried a local brewery Belgian IPA dry-hopped with 2012 Citra, and as I told the brewer it tasted like "fruit salad..., in a good way" and it is their best seller.

It was much more expressive of the fruity flavors than I got out of either of my batches made from the 2011 crop.

I definitely need to buy some 2012 citra and brew another citra APA, well after the next two brews on deck. 

Another data point:

Took a gravity reading/taste test of my Snow Day APA - it smells and tastes like 98% Citra and 2% "possible" Simcoe.

2012 Citra, btw.

Hop bill:
20 minute addition:
0.5 oz Simcoe
1/3 oz each of Mosaic, Centennial, Cascade & Citra
45 minute whirlpool addition:
0.5 oz Simcoe
2/3 oz each of Mosaic, Centennial, Cascade & Citra

I'm not really complaining, but I wanted more of a blend than just total Citra - I think I may force carb, bottle a few, then keg hop with Zythos, Simcoe & Mosaic and leave the Citra out of it.

I made an all Citra hopped IPA a few years ago (my attempt to ‘clone’ a Hill Farmstead Citra IPA). Citra hops are the most potent hops that I have ever brewed with! I only used 1.5 ounces for dry hopping and after 2 weeks of bottle conditioning I had a hard time drinking the beer; it was just too ‘in your face’ intense. An additional 1-2 weeks of conditioning permitted the hop aroma/flavor to mellow a bit and that beer was delicious. It had nice, enjoyable tropical fruit flavors to my palate. Some friends while drinking that beer noted an aroma/flavor of cat pee but they asked for seconds so I guess they like cat pee? I have read that Citra hops have a high amount of a compound 4MMP which some people perceive as being cat pee (apparently a higher incidence of this in women).

I brewed a Citra/Simcoe IPA where I bittered with Warrior and used a 50/50 blend of Citra/Simcoe for flavor, end of boil and dry hop additions. I thought this beer turned out great; I think that Citra and Simcoe complement each other.


I used 1 oz of Citra in my white wheat wonder. .25oz for 60 minutes, .5oz for 10 minutes, and .25oz for 5 minutes. Just one ounce gave this beer a very strong hop presence. I didn't like the Citra IPA I made last year but I actually find the taste of this white wheat beer quite pleasant. It absolutely has the citra aroma. I would describe it as balanced leaning toward hoppy.


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