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My Recent Experience with Citra

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I was at a local brewpub last night and ordered and IPA that had 7 different hops, although they didn't list any of them.  On the first sip, Citra overwhelmed everything else in there.  Kinda like it was the only hop. 

I put Citra and Chinook in the same category of intensity (Simcoe is also close). If I'm using these hops with less-intense varieties, I back off of my normal equal percentage hop mix. Usually 1.5-2 to 1 paired with a hop like Cascade or Centennial.

I LOVE Citra, though. What a great hop.

A friend of mine brewed a Nelson IPA and the Nelson Sauvin gave it a powerful orange aroma.  I'd like to try a wheat with either Nelson or Citra.  Tallgrass Brewing makes their Halycon Wheat with Citra and it isn't overpowering but I can definitely taste the Citra.  I'm not a fan of pitting fruit in beer but a hoppy wheat with Citra would be fun to try.

I just can't resist the urge to post my hate for this hop .... just don't like citra at all. Perhaps in the tiniest amounts it blends well, but as a dominant hop I just can't enjoy it in a beer.


--- Quote from: a10t2 on February 26, 2013, 04:30:03 PM ---Are these 2012 crop?
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Yeah - first run with the 2012 pellets.  I like Citra, I just really don't like the dominance - its too fruity for me.

Kyle - I hear you though I would say that Citra is more dominant that either Chinook or Simcoe, though the latter two are also quite dominant, Citra is head and shoulders above in that aspect.

Interesting comments Jeff and Denny - guess it ain't just me.


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