Author Topic: Souring a Berliner Weisse  (Read 4138 times)

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Re: Souring a Berliner Weisse
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That Zymurgy article also has syrup recipes that I am going to try.  When sour mashing, how do you sanitize the mash tun following the souring?  I would need to use a picnic cooler to hope to maintain temps....but I would hate to have a permanent sour only vessel.

Actually I would be concerned about what is already in the mash tun that might affect your sour mash.  If you have ever left grain overnight in your mash tun, you probably found that your spent grains stink.  Sanitizing with star san before the sour mash would be a good idea.  Boiling water could damage your mash tun depending on what the tun is made from.