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Mini-Keg Stainless Steel 2L Growler

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The other day I ordered 2 of these 2L Stainless Steel Mini-Kegs from Deep Wood Brew Products  They arrived today and are pretty cool... Now they just need a cap with a keg post for carbonating/dispensing.

Photo of the 2L growler next to a 22 oz bottle.

Jimmy K:
Is it double walled? I see they say "cold and fresh longer than a glass growler" and I think the 'cold' claim would be a stretch unless it's double walled. Looks fantastic though.

This isn't mine. I am not anywhere near that creative.
I thought it was pretty cool though.

Very nice.

That site has a lot of cool stuff. And $34.50 for a 7 gallon stainless steel carboy is not a bad price at all.


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