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Dry hopping in a keg

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Has anyone ever dry hoped in a keg?  I like the idea that I can keep the beer away from oxygen.  (I pressurized the keg to 10 psi)  The hops are in a bag weighted with aquarium glass that's tied on a string to the keg lid.  The only problem I see is that I a hard time getting 2 oz. of whole hops in the keg.  My pale ales and IPA's are at least 4 oz. dry hops.

Yes, I do it all the time and lots of other people on the forum do to.  Works great...with pellets.  I've used whole hops before and it's a pain so I just dry hop with pellets anymore.

Pellets in a hop sack.  I would not throw them in without one :)

I use a woman's knee high nylon (white & sanitized in starsan). I throw in a 1/2" stainless steel nut for weight & tie it off, then the pellet hops, then tie off the opening and put it in the keg (no strings attached).  CO2 to purge the O2 and leave it on CO2 @ 20 lbs. for 7 days @ room temp to dry hop. Then into the kegerator (without removing the hops).  Leave it for a day to chill & settle and start enjoying.  If you're going to leave it at room temp after its dry hopped then I'd prolly remove the hops to avoid the "grassy" flavor. I always plan it so it goes into the kegerator right after dry hopping so I never remove the hops. The cold seems to stop the "grassy" flavor from appearing. YMMV... Cheers!!!

+1. I also use the knee high nylon with marbles as weights.  MY current beer on tap is an APA dry hopped in keg. Love it. I agree that the cold seems to keep the grassiness to a minimum.


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