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Pizza Fatta en Casa

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Yum. Pizza
One I made last week. I have been using parchment paper to form my pies on so it slides off the peel
without having to use cornmeal or flour.

I switched from cornmeal to semolina.  Makes things slide as easily as cornmeal without the "crunchiness" you get from cornmeal.  A plus is that then you have semolina around for making pasta.


I use regular old flour having mastered the jiggle required to break the pie loose from the peel. However, parchment paper can produce a mighty fine pizza. It just bugs me that it's only rated to 420*... What does that mean?

Is it only rated to 420F?  I use it for bread sometimes, and it starts in a 500 degree oven.  It turns brown and crisps up, that's probably the problem.  Oops.

I used to use flour under the pie and keep shaking the peel until I had made the pie and it was in the oven.
I found that when using a wet dough like I like to use, it made the bottom of the pie too floury and dry.

Using the parchment paper eliminates that and with the OO in the dough makes the crust brown nice and still be flexable. The paper will turn very brown and really you only need to leave it there long enough to firm up the bottom of the crust, and then you can slide the paper out from under the pie. I do my pies on a stone on an electric oven at 500f.


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