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I'm planning a batch of Schwarzbier as a step up for my WLP885 Zurich Lager yeast for the Baltic Porter to follow. How does this look for the Schwarzbier? It seems to fall in between Jamil's two recipes in terms of roastiness.  I subbed Blackprinz for the Black Roast Barley since its dehusked, and similarly I like Midnight Wheat for color and head retention without astringency.

50% Munich
40% Pilsen
2.5% C60
2.5% Chocolate
2.5% Blackprinz
2.5% Midnight Wheat
Mash @ 151F

1.5oz Tettnang @ 60 mins 26 IBU
0.5oz Hallertau @ 15 mins 4 IBU
0.5oz Hallertau @ 0 mins

Target 1.052OG
30 IBU
30 SRM

WLP855 Zurich Lager


Edited to correct my spelling

I love the blend of midnight wheat and black Prinz in my schwarzbier as well! I would use those and sub them for the chocolate. I wouldn't use any other roasted malt other than a carafa special or the midnight or/and Prinz.

Pawtucket Patriot:
Looks pretty good.  I use about 4% carafa special III in my Schwarzbier, but I add it at mashout so as to impart the least amount of bitterness.  You still get the color benefit from adding it this way.  I also darken my Schwarzbier with about 1.5% (by weight) of Sinamar.  For some reason, I also really like a little Special B in my Schwarzbier.

The only comment I have is that there is no "t" in Scharzbier :)



--- Quote from: Kaiser on February 28, 2013, 03:51:46 PM ---The only comment I have is that there is no "t" in Scharzbier :)


--- End quote ---

But there is a W...  :P

and to think I studied German for 2 years... Fixed it.


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