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So here's one that bugs me.  In several competitions, most scoresheets have had the low fill or high fill line checked.  I know you're not supposed to get points off for that, but is this picture ( taken from the internet ) a good indication of a proper fill.

I use a beergun and it is said that if you fill it to the top, the displacement of the gun will result in a proper fill when removed, but I'm not too sure of that so I'll hit it with a little extra.


Jimmy K:
Looks good to me - are you aiming for higher when you top off? I fill to the top and remove with my bottling wand and that gives very consistent fills, but I don't know how similar the tube diameter is compared to a beer gun.
I once got a scoresheet comment "Nice fill!" - I don't really know how the fill level can be THAT good either.

I've noticed that when I cap on foam, my fill line varies a bit.

Regardless, the only thing I've ever noted about the fill line on comp entries was, "Generous fill, thanks for the extra beer! :)"

That picture looks good to me. That's where I like to fill my bottles to. Once the beer gets to the top of the bottle take out the wand and you should be perfect.

I was stewarding a competition once and every bottle I saw was low except for one, which was filled all the way to the top. I don't know how you do that but it was funny for the judges to see me soaked in beer.

Joe Sr.:

--- Quote from: AmandaK on February 28, 2013, 03:55:48 PM ---I've noticed that when I cap on foam, my fill line varies a bit.

--- End quote ---

I've experienced the same thing.  I wind up losing some beer in an effort to get an even fill line sometimes. 

Not really a problem, except when the beer foams too much if the bottles are warm or the bottling pressure to high.  I started filling the bottles in a tupperware tub so I can pour off the extra into my glass.  Gross, perhaps, but waste not want not.  Or something.


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