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Please post your recipe/process so we can further evaluate.

Joe Sr.:

--- Quote from: bboy9000 on March 01, 2013, 04:42:43 AM ---Extracts, from what I've read here on the forum, aren't as fermentable.

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That, of course, depends on the extract.  Some, such as Breiss Pils extract, I have found to be highly fermentable.  It's all I use for the last several years.  That said, I agree that it would not be unlikely that an extract nut brown ale would have a high finishing gravity.

--- Quote from: mtnrockhopper on March 01, 2013, 02:30:02 PM ---By the way, most homebrewers here (including me) will tell you to skip secondary next time and just let the beer sit in primary for 2-3 weeks - then bottle.  Reasoning -- Transferring introduces oxygen which is a worse risk than leaving it on the yeast (this is really a problem for commercial breweries and large fermenters). Also, removing the beer from the yeast prevents the yeast from cleaning up those green and off flavors.

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I would also add that secondary is just plain not necessary and you can skip the effort.  I'm kinda lazy and short on time, so anything to gain a little efficiency in the process is a bonus.

--- Quote from: bluesman on March 01, 2013, 02:43:53 PM ---Please post your recipe/process so we can further evaluate.

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Yes, and it would be helpful to know what extract was used as that might give a clue as to it's fermentability.

6 lbs. light malt extract
1 lbs. crystal 40 malt
1/4 lbs honey malt
1/8 lbs pale chocolate malt
1/8 lbs "special roast"
1oz cluster hop 2 boil
1/2oz styrian hop @ 30 min into boil
white labs english ale yeast
ferment temp = 66 F
Steeped grain @ 155 in 1 1/2 gal H20 for 40 min
boiled with additional 3.5 gals H20 for 1 hour w hops as noted
cooled wort and pitched yeast @ 70F

Joe Sr.:
Liquid malt extract?  Or dry?  Brand? I don't recall if Munton's dry has a low fermentability.  I think it does, but I'm not positive.

I don't use White Labs yeast (foolishly brand loyal, not for any other reason) but that yeast may be a low attenuator.  Many of the English strains are.

Did you make a starter?  Or just pitch the vial?

If you're underpitched with a low attenuating yeast, you may be done.  If the yeast has dropped, I don't think you'll get it to go any further.

I've used the Wyeast ESB yeast, which I believe is supposed to be the same strain, and once it flocculates out it is hard to get it back into suspension to keep working.  And it floccs like crazy.

67% attenuation for that yeast is in the zone.  Looks like you will have a nice beer in a couple of weeks.

Agreed on no secondary.  Let it sit in primary for 2-3 weeks.



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