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promash vs beersmith vs others

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I am thinking of upgrading to more advanced brewing software and want to get some opinions.  I have been using Hopville for the last two years or so and I like it, but I consistently run into calculation errors (possibly me, but doubtful) :D

Anyway, what do you guys use or prefer and why?

I went from promash to beersmith2 just recently, I like it well enough and there is alot you can do with it once you get use to it. Promash hasnt been update since 2003 and from what i hear never will so eventually it will go by the way side, so I switched.

I use Brewer's Friend and have found it extremely accurate in predicting gravities when designing recipes.  I also like the yeast pitching calculator on Brewer's Friend as it can calculate up to three step-ups on a starter.  Its also free to save up to five recipes.  I've never used BeerSmith but a friend that uses it says there's a lot of calculations you can do with your mash. 

Beersmith for recipe calculations. Bru'n Water for water calcs and Brewersfriend for yeast pitch calcs.
All wonderful tools. What an awesome time to be a homebrewer. So much great information at our fingertips.

I've been using Beersmith 2 for about a year now and I have to say, that I love it.  It has more bells and whistles than I will ever use, but it's fantastic for building recipes and scaling as well.  I'm a huge fan.


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