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Chiller to pond pump question

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I am wanting to get a new chiller. I want stainless steel and I want to circulate water through a pond pump in a bucket of ice this summer. Which of the two following chillers would be easier to adapt to the pump?

I don't think you have any more or less work adapting either of them.  They seem basically the same.  You'll need a couple of hose connectors, some tubing, a valve for flow control and a few hose clamps to either one.


*** Edited to add the valve.  Forgot that the first time.

Jimmy K:
Both have hose connecters on the inlets. One you'd pay more and have to supply your own hose. I think that's your answer.

I'd get a submersible utility pump which will have garden hose fittings.

Why stainless and not copper?

I have cleaned that green corrosion off of my copper chiller twice now. I always go over it with vinegar before each use. Yesterday was the second time my paper towels had green on them after wiping it down. Some places I have read that copper corrosion is extremely poisonous, other places I have read that it is harmless. I don't want to leave anything to chance so I just want to get stainless and be done with it.


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