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Hello! i will fill my first 1 BBL barrel ever next month. I made a dark belgian strong ale that has been sitting on maduration for about two months. By now is on cold storage and i am wondering what could be the best way to transfer to the barrel. I certainly know that primary and secondary fermentation have finished, but just to be secure and if i only want to extract flavors and aromas from the barrel, can i filter the actual beer to remove suspended yeast that can referment on the barrel? I also know that barrel could have their own micro zoo in there, but anyway. What do you recommend me? filter or not?


I never filter my beer than goes into my barrel and have not had any problems. After 2 months most of the yeast will have settled out anyway.

If you've moved your beer into a secondary prior to transferring into a barrel you should be fine. It sounds like you have given enough time in the secondary for things to settle down prior to transferring to a barrel. 

I just finished barreling out of my 3rd barrel project and I must admit it's alot of fun!

I forget to say that i referment in secondary with another much time do you recommend to leave the beer in secondary until yeast have settle at room temperature? isnt it good for that batch to have a little cold conditioning prior to transfer to the wood barrel?

thanks again!


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