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What's Brewing This Weekend - 3/8 Edition

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Weee.... what's on the dockets, sprockets?

Bottling my Helles Hop Hammer and crossing my fingers as I take another gravity reading on my maple wine.

After listening to this week's episode of Basic Brewing Radio, I may also doctor up some old brews I have laying around to taste test various specialty grains I have laying around.

No brewing this weekend.  Will hopefully start clearing the garden of branches and yard waste this weekend.  Asparagus season will start soon so I'll need to cut them back as well, but that's another thread. ;)

All the local clubs will have booths and taps at Cigar City's Hunahpu's Release day Saturday.
Sunday I have way too much lawn and housework to catch up on even though I'm way behind on brewing.  Maybe next weekend.....

I have to keg 10 gallons of Rauchbier and clean up my brew area.


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