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What's Brewing This Weekend - 3/8 Edition

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No Brewing this week, but I did just keg my ESB.

Mark G:
It's a packaging weekend here. Going into kegs are an APA and a Bitter, both destined for NHC. I'm also judging at the Drunk Monk Challenge on Saturday.

I'm going with iteration #2 of my American IPA.  The first one was my very first AG beer and turned out really well, but I learned a lot.  So I'm going to try it again with some tweeks.  Whole leaf hops (first brew that way) will go in this one.

Simple recipe:
12 lbs Pale Malt
1 lb Crystal 60
1.5 oz Centennial FWH
1 oz Cascade 30 min
.5 oz Cascade KO
1 oz Cascade Dry Hop (~10days)
.5 lb Brown sugar 2 days into fermentation.

Doing two beers tomorrow. My year Cali Common and an attempt at a clone of Mac and Jack's African Amber. Not sure how the second will come out since I have never had it and I am not a huge fan of sweeter style ambers. But the gf asked me to make it for her, so got to keep her happy. Using Ringwood yeast for the first time so that should be interesting.

Dry hops for a CDA and keg cleaning, lots of keg cleaning.


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