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So I made the mistake of racking my ale into a secondary fermenter. To late to do anything about that. But I have noticed that all activity has stopped in my air lock over the past few days. Do you guys think I would be safe to bottle at this point or should I test the gravity for a couple consecutive days and make sure that it doesnt change?

Test gravity today, wait 3 days, test gravity again.  If it changed, wait another 3 days, and check again.  Once it stays the same over 3 days, it's ready to roll.  If you bottle too early, you can get bombs.

Definitely test the gravity for a couple days.  If it doesn't move and you're close to final gravity, bottle it up. 

Jimmy K:
I agree with above.  How long was it in primary? 

Thanks again for the help and it was in primary for 12 days


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