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Jimmy K:

--- Quote from: donredbull on March 07, 2013, 01:59:52 PM ---Thanks again for the help and it was in primary for 12 days

--- End quote ---
I'd still check the gravity, but that should have been plenty of time for fermentation. I doubt you hurt it at all.

I agree with the "wait 3 days" Method. IMO, it is a waste of beer to check gravity more than twice at the end, and you need at least a couple days to make sure you have a stable gravity.

Also, the consensus is not that it is especially bad to transfer to secondary. The consensus is that transferring to secondary is only useful in certain circumstances (Usually fruit), and in other instances just doesn't provide much benefit for the hassle and chance of oxidation.

I know when I started brewing, I didn't have a blow off, so I was transferring to secondary so I could clean out my 6g carboy and put fresh wort in. I did 1 week primary (6g Carboy), 1 week secondary (5g Carboy), and then into bottles. Since I was brewing every week, and had only 2 carboys, I had to transfer just to clear space.

Jeff M:
Ive had good luck with extracts doing the following.

7 days primary
Rack to secondary, 7 more days in secondary
check gravity, if close to estimated FG, prime and bottle.

ive had 0 bottle bombs


there are all kinds of reasons to use a secondary fermentation: ciders, big beers that need to age for very long periods, anything you want ultra-clear like pilsners or cream ales.  i just bottled an amber ale that sat in primary for a month and secondary for two.  i racked it into my bottling bucket with my priming sugar solution and a package of rehydrated nottingham and it looks (and tastes) fantastic!

Thanks again for the advice I am just scared of screwing my beer up.


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