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Batch Sparging: Dilution

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My last batch came out with a pre-boil gravity far lower than what I expected.  (I do plan to recalibrate my efficiency with next batch).  But it got me wondering how much water dilution effects this outcome.

My current batch sparge process: I add around 5 gallons of water (at 170, though I read I should bump this to 190) to the tun after the first runnings complete.  Stir, sit and sparge until my desired volume is achieved.

Should I be more precise in how much water I add or is the impact not so great?


How much water did you mash with?

You should run the mash tun dry for each runoff. Otherwise you're intentionally leaving sugars behind.

I don't recall but the mash water was more than I had planned (Maybe up to 2-2.5qts/lb.  I used a two-step process and used 'boiling' water to get from the protein rest to the sach rest.  But here in Denver, my boil water temp is lower so i had to increase the volume).

I only need one runoff and I do let the first runnings dry out the tun.

Jimmy K:
Yes, because all of the sugars are equally distributed in the sparge water. If you sparge with 5 gallons but only drain off 4, you're leaving 20% of the sparge sugars behind.


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