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Mash Tun: Temperature Uniformity

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I use a 70 qt Coleman with CPVC manifold.  During mashes, I have noticed at times that my temp readings are multiple degrees different throughout the cooler. The manifold gets in the way of stirring up the grain which likely contributes to variant temps.  Any ideas on improving this issue?

I stir throughout mash-in, which is about 2-3 minutes, and another 2-3 minutes afterward. That generally gets me within 1°C throughout the grain bed.

Jimmy K:
Do you put water or grain in first? Water first might help as it will get the cooler walls and manifold at the right temp before adding grain. The grain tends to float a bit too, so it won't get down into the manifold until it is wet (and warmed).

I agree with Sean.  I keep stirring until I get the same temp reading no matter where in the tun I check.

Jeff M:
he must have a orange cooler....


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