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Trub removal

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I generally pull a paint strainer bag over a basket strainer and pour my wort through it into my fermenting bucket. Most of the trub and hop gunk gets caught, but not all. If I'm brewing a beer with a crapload of hops I'll put my autosiphon inside a paint strainer bag and rack through that. In those cases, sometimes I'll zip-tie a nylon stocking with an ounce of whole hops on the other end of my tubing. Helps catch most of the gunk, plus it may or may not get me some extra hoppy goodness (never done a side-by-side to test that out).

Sounds like trub removal is not a big deal. I like the stocking method, and i do have a "hopblocker" so I guess I'll have to find something else to keep me up at night. LOL
Thanks everyone.

I whirlpool with a pump and allow it all to settle for 15-20 minutes. On my flat-bottom kettle I have a dip tube thar extends to the very edge of the kettle. I find that the wort going into the carboy is very clear and virtually trub free. It is key to allow everything to settle once you have established that 'cookie'.

Here is a link to the dip tube that allows me to pull from the side of the kettle:


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