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Mashing with Rye

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+1 on the rice hulls once you pass 20% rye in the mash.

Also this is one of the times when getting to a really warm mashout temp can help the sparge. That rye really adds viscosity!

My recent experience with malted rye = cement in the mash tun.   :)  Luckily I had a pound of rice hulls standing by, even so it was a VERY slow lauter.  I was up at 40% rye for a roggenbier that I was brewing for a local club competition.  I think it turned out pretty well, but took a little while longer than I'm used to for it to ferment down to FG.  I'm pretty sure that was a yeast/temperature thing.  I used WLP005 and fermented at 62F as suggested in Brewing Classic Styles.


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