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Rhizomes planted on 3/9/13

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It is pushing 60 degrees today in Ohio, and my hops rhizomes came in the mail today....So they got planted! I grew a couple Centennial plants and a US Gold last year with much success. So, I put a pre-order in to the Thyme Garden back in October. The quality of these rhizomes are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone. They are based out of Oregon, and when the rhizomes arrived here, they were sealed in ziplock bags and still very moist. The rhizomes I ordered from another company last year were dry sticks....these are far from that.

I ordered rooted cuttings of Magnum, Nugget, Cascade, Chinook, and Willamette. The smaller three are standard cuttings, which are very very solid. They are Zeus, Mt. Hood and Perle.

This is the Nugget cutting I got!

I now have 11 total plants of 10 hops varieties planted along the side of the barn. Hopefully the "after" picture is a little more appetizing than this "before" picture.

I appreciate the photos.  Those look great; it kinda sets the tone (price/quality) for what can be ordered. 

Do you have a plan for harvesting/processing/storing from so many plants?

I forgot to mention price. The rooted cuttings were 7-8 bucks, and the standard cuttings are 4-5 bucks. They do have large cuttings that run the same as the rooted ones. I think the rooted and large cuttings are sold out. I pre-ordered in October. But after getting these, the standard cuts are very nice. Again, I pre-ordered rather early and it is first come first serve.

Once they start poking through, I will put tomato cages around them to start them, and then run a twine of sort up the side of the barn and attach to the fascia. That worked well last year for my Centennial and Goldings...They are planted where the red mulch is half way up the picture. So as harvesting goes, I will just cut down the entire twine. I did get a small harvest last year off of one of the Centennials, and we put them in a brown paper bag and put them in the loft of this barn for about a week. I shook them once or twice a day, and with it being about 100-120 degrees in the loft, they dried out nicely. I had about two ounces of dried hops, so we just used them to garnish IPA's. But in the future, I will shrink wrap the hops in manageable sizes and store them in my chest freezer.

I actually moved one of my Centennial plants about two feet, so it was closer to my other Centennial and not the US Gold. In doing so, I got about six of my own rhizomes. I just went ahead and replanted them in a different area of the property. They won't get taken care of like these ones will, but we'll see what happens to them  8)

You have a nice collection.

I ordered some Centennial rhizomes and planted them in a pot to get them started yesterday. I'll eventually transplant them when they mature a bit. It's still a little on the cold side here to plant them outside right now.

I potted my centennials last year and actually lost one after the transplant. I was worried about it being still a bit too cold here too, but the reps from the Thyme Garden said if there's no snow on the ground and I can get I shovel in the ground, then plant them. So I went with that. I figure that the rhizomes are looking very hardy, and if anything comes up too soon and dies off, there will be more shooters on the way.


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