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Honey in a Heffe?

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Alright guys, next week I'm going to attempt a clone of a local DFW beer call Revolver Blood and Honey.  It is an American Wheat style beer with Blood Orange Zest, Local Honey and spices.  I've got the spice and Orange down but have never used Honey in a brew. 

I'm looking for a strong honey aroma with a nice recognizable honey finish.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

It will be a 5 gal batch. 


Jeff M:
While ive never worked with honey either i would thinking if you want the aroma and a sweet finish you would want to finish your beer and cold crash the yeast out and add it right before you keg/bottle.  you dont want the yeast eating all the fermentable sugars.  you could always had a small amount of honey to the glass as you drink it?  or you could make a Blood Orange syrup with honey as the sugar source.  there was a neat article about syrups in this months Zymurgy.

Add the honey post fermentation for the strongest flavor and aroma. It will still ferment out but you will not lose majority of aroma during co2 put gassing during fermentation.

I don't think I would enjoy adding honey directly the glass.

Honey malt is a good option if you want honey flavor in your finished beer. If you are using actual honey, then the later you add it (I.e., after primary has finished up) the more flavor and aroma will make it to the finished beer.

I have read a lot about how honey malt leaves a honey flavor, but in my experience it doesn't really taste like honey. Regardless, use it sparingly if you go that route. A little goes a long way.


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