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Expected lifespan of O2 canister

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galapagos jim:
How long should I expect a canister of O2 to last? I seem to be changing out every 2nd or 3rd brew, and it's getting expensive.

I'm aerating with pure O2 for about 90-120 seconds, with canisters from the hardware store that are like this:

Hooked up to a regulator and .5 micron stone from my LHBS.

Possible that I've got a slow leak in the regulator head? Should I disconnect it while not in use?

A canister like that lasts me maybe 10 batches, maybe more.  I've never actually kept track I just know that it lasts for a long time, and that includes giving a shot to my starters as well.  I always disconnect the regulator when I'm not using it. 

I'm done 5 batches with my first can so far.  I was taught by Dad and Grandpa to always remove the regulator from any gas canister when not in use.


Funny, for me, the red disposable bottles seem to last longer if I leave the regulator on.

I made the mistake at first of dumping the o2 in too fast and blowing through canisters. Be sure you are just trickling it through. If you dump it in too fast you are wasting it anyway as most o2 will just pour out of the surface and not diffuse into the wort.


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