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I pitched bugs on my Sour Golden Strong after the the clean yeast ate it down to 1.040 from 1.078. This was about two months ago. I haven't seen a pellicle yet and I know that sometimes it takes a while to get one and sometimes you won't. I'm not too worried about it because the beer smells sour.

My question is when pitching bugs on an already partially fermented beer do you shake up the carboy or just pitch the bugs and let them be? I didn't really shake the fermenter because I was told the bugs don't like oxygen.

it would probably be best to let it be after pitching the bacteria.  micro oxygenation can/does occur in barrels or most containers over time and can add to the character/flavor but my experience is shaking or airlocks drying out is probably not so good.  taste it and see what you think.

I don't aerate, I just pitch the bugs.  No problems getting a pellicle, but then I almost always use the Roeselare blend.  I haven't used ECY001.

Thanks for the replies guys. I'll just let it be. This is my first time using ECY001 and was curious. I'll try the roeselare blend next sour batch.

How is the roeselare blend? How sour does it get?

I've gotten varying levels of sour out of it, it seems to depends on how much you leave it to work with.

The WL lambic blend though, that gets intensely sour.  I tried that in a split batch next to the Roeselare, it was so sour it was insane.  I ended up blending it with the Roeselare to try to cut it, and back sweetened it with a bunch of apple juice concentrate.  It was still so strong I called it "you can't handle the sour" when I poured it in the hospitality suite at the conference in SD.  It was the first keg to kick. :)


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