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Hops are coming up

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My Cascades have started poking out of the ground.  It's kind of late for us down here, and I was worried they wouldn't even come back at all because of their poor health last year.  3 years of sever drought has taken it's toll, I even have cacti dying.  But they are back and looking good.

I'm about an hour outside of the main hop growing region and mine started breaking ground a few weeks ago. 


I checked my Cascade last weekend and nothing yet. It won't be long now though, probably in the next few weeks or so, I should start to see them poking through the ground.

Titanium Brewing:
My Cascade already has a couple inches of growth. Magnum & Nugget are just starting to sprout.

Mark G:
Maybe once all the snow melts I'll be able to tell if they're sprouting yet. :(


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