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Hop to complement Citra?

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My next brew is going to be a Zombie Dust clone (even though I have never tasted the original).  But I love Citra hops so...

Anyway, one of the things I am considering is to add one other hop variety at flameout to round out/complement the flavor of the Citra.  So what variety would you recommend?

Amarillo and Centennial are two that have worked very well for my palette.

+1.  Also Chinook is a hop that can match Citra in intensity, and is a good counterpoint flavor wise in my IPAs.

I am a big fan of Zythos, a Pacific NW blend, but Chinook and centennial are nice pairs with citra. Simcoe is another fav.

I hop-bursted an IPA with 50:50 blend of Citra:Nelson Sauvin.  Wort sample tasted fantastic!! Tropical fruit and dank!  Should be transferring off into a keg today or tomorrow.  Crash cooling at the moment.


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