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 My husband and I are pretty new to home brewing. We have used kits previously with liquid malt extracts but I wold like to try switching to all grain method. Do any of you have any suggestions for the first route we should take? Methods? Recipes? Suggestion?

We would love some input!


Check out and you'll be on the right path!

Batchsparging is probably the easiest. My suggestion is to look into the type of water you have. Some types of water and their mineral or "salt" contents are ill suited for certain styles.

The first time I did all grain, I said after it was all done - " that is all there is to it?". It was good beer!
The last 18 years have been about making better beer and doing variations on the process. Sometimes a simple single infusion mash is a thing of beauty, and quick and simple. Sometimes a double decoction is fun, just because.

Don't be afraid of all grain. You will end up making beer, and it will probably be good beer.

I started all grain by doing 3gallon biab batches and had a blast. I knew I also wanted to try batch sparging and have since moved to it using the Denny link above. I love it. the last brew day I had was my best go at it and I think I've got my system just about dialed in. I still biab on occasion just to change it up. my only regret was buying a small chest freezer because I can only ferment 2 beers at a time!


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