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US-05 - pretty amazing stuff

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Big fan of US-05 myself and looking forward to how the beer turns out. 


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--- Quote from: majorvices on March 14, 2013, 01:43:56 PM ---I use US-05 on my IIPA sometimes, I like the results. Well, I pitched and aerated and I took off for a few days and came back to see that the auto valve on glycol unit failed and left the valve open and had crashed the beer to 45 degrees. And the US-05, while albeit slowly, was steadily fermenting.

Got it ramped up and fermenting away nicely now but pretty amazed that it would ferment at those temps. The yeast was rehydrated (see, Tom ;) ) in about 95 degree water and I'm not exactly sure how long the lag was, but it was fermenting 2 days later at 45 degrees after pitch.

I have purposely fermented US-05 at around 54 degrees with good results before. But shocked to see it chugging along this cold. I seen some lager yeasts that struggle under 48.

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Hey Keith, make sure you comment on the finished results. I have some friends who are brewing pro and seem to be having major problems with yeast handling. I suggested they use dry until they get the rest of their operation in order and they have pooh pooh'd the suggestion. I habitually have 04 and 05 on hand for those "just in case" disaster times and it has saved the day on a number of occasions when something unfortunate has happened to my propagated batch. Do I prefer my beers made with the liquid strains? Yes usually. But the differences are sometimes pretty subtle and it can be hard to pick a favorite.

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Yeah, I prefer liquid yeast but for a IIPA I doubt anyone could tell the difference. I've used it for my regular IPA before with very good results, too. The liquid on the reg. IPA tastes just a little more "polished", but the IIPA is so hoppy I just can't tell the difference. AND while perhaps not the most ideal I'm perfectly satisfied subbing US-05 for my reg. IPA as well. Makes a great beer.


--- Quote from: euge on March 14, 2013, 02:52:24 PM ---I would think such low temps if kept throughout the entire apparent fermentation would lead to a residual acetaldehyde presence.

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Yeah, wouldn't want to run it that long for long. That said, the sample I pulled was amazingly clean! I didn't take a gravity reading so no telling how far it dropped.

Will post back on results. FWIW I had something similar happen on 1056 though not quite as cold (in the low 50s) and it was fermenting too and finished out and tasted great.

I use 05 a lot less than I used to.  I started detecting a really low peach ester from it and now I can't get it out of my head when I drink a beer I used it for.  It was so slight that I'm more than likely just psyching myself out.  I've also heard that if you run it above 65 (which I rarely have) that ester is reduced or eliminated.  I doubt, though, that you;d ever notice it under the hops in an IIPA.  But it's made me go back to using 1056 a lot more than I used to.

yeah, I get the peach ester thing. Just didn't really bother me. You don't get it with an Imperial IPA. I feel that there is just a little yeasty taste that isn't there with 1056 on US05. But it is faint and you really have to look for it.


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