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Quick souring method

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Edvin - how's that sour beer doing?  I did not mean to hijack your thread! 

Jimmy K:

--- Quote from: drjones on March 28, 2013, 01:19:26 AM ---Thanks, kramerog  This experiment does make me suspect that the  Crisp ale malt must have been pretty clean.  Of course who knows about the next sack.  Jamil would certainly disapprove of the lack of control, but that's the fun of experimenting in this case.  I think I've learned something with this exceptionally ordinary little ale.  By all the broken rules of brewing, this batch has to be infected with something - I actually hope!  I can't help but expect that in the days of unhopped ales, it was the bugs that added the balancing zest.

--- End quote ---
145F for 30 minutes is pasteurization temp, as is 161F for 15 seconds, so I'd expect most of the lacto to die during a mash. I've had many quite sour berliner weisses made using lacto cultured from grain, but the innoculating grain is added after sparging the wort and cooling it to ~100F.

Thanks, rockhopper.  That makes sense.  I was going to bottle this yesterday, but fermentation kicked back in and the ale clouded.  Has a new funky odor. But still tastes fine.  A bit spritzy, but not sour.  I'd rather it cleared up again before bottling, but I'm not sur how much longer it has before it just spoils.
I could not pin down the aroma, but my wife says "sourdough cheese sandwich" so something kind of interesting is going on.

Jimmy K:
Short Round: Okey dokey, Dr. Jones.
Sourdough cheese sandwich huh? I wonder how this will turn out.

It is truly a strange brew.  I've tried to reproduce something like a 14th or 15th century London ale based on some reading.  I have no idea if this is even close, and the result is certainly not what anyone today would consider a good beer.  They may not call it beer at all!  However, if I put aside my assumptions, the result is a refreshing, light beverage (3% alcohol), and I can see that people would have enjoyed it in the days before hops became accepted. 


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