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Thanks a lot. I boiled with the hop additions before I pitch the lacto starter, so I just wanted to kill all organisms. I ended up boiling for 5 minutes at that point, and pitching the ale yeast. I did add a bit more extract to bring the gravity up a bit, and am planning on adding raspberries after primary. Just wanted to know if it was gonna taste more sour after fermentation, or if it was gonna stay that way. Anyway I hope it turns out alright, this is my first time messing with bugs.  :o

Yep, as previously stated it won't sour anymore once you boil after the wort is soured.  I hope you got a level of sour you like.  I felt my 67 hours was just right for my tastes.

What type of sour beer are you making?
German Berliner Weisses are 3.0-3.2 pH.

pH doesn't matter. Its all about how much acidity you want in the flavor of the beer.

I usually don't take pH readings of my finished beers, just so I don't have any preconceived ideas of what the beer tastes like before I actually taste it.

One of my fellow FBI members has been quite successful with sour beers and this sort of souring treatment.  He mentions that you have to let the initial grain and water ferment go for several days.  Apparently the various populations of microbes compete, with the lactic bacteria finally out-acidifying the others and killing the others off.  The aroma of this competition changes over time.  Its kind of rank at points, but finally settles into that smooth sour lactic aroma.  Its at that stage that you want to pitch it into a major volume of wort.  The natural selection will have already run its course.


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