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pin vs ball??

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Hi, so after all this time bottling, I'm finally getting sick of it. I've never done the keg thing before due to lack of space, but I think I'm just going to have to put the foot down and get another fridge.

Question is, considering I've never kegged before, what's the best route to go with kegs? Pin lock or Ball lock? Is one type easier to use/clean than the other? I think I remember that pin locks are cheaper? Are there any significant differences that I should be aware of or consider?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,

Cheers! and thanks!


If I were starting out kegging right now I think I'd go with pin lock just because they're cheaper and easier to find than ball lock kegs at this point. 

I have both.  It doesn't take much expense to get some of each kind of quick disconnect and put a "T" in the gas line so you can use either.
Ball locks are much more widely used and have a narrower diameter so you can fit more of them in a chest freezer, but pin locks are much easier to identify the in/out ports.  Heck you can do it in the dark, which is more often than you might think.

+1 to jeffy -

Ok, thanks.

Are most set-ups (CO2 and regulators, dispensing disconnects, etc.) configured for ball locks or pins? which is easier to use?


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