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pin vs ball??

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Ball locks are much easier for me to use - also the skinny factor is a big deal to me as well.


--- Quote from: hellbound on March 18, 2013, 08:57:06 PM ---Ok, thanks.

Are most set-ups (CO2 and regulators, dispensing disconnects, etc.) configured for ball locks or pins? which is easier to use?

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they are all built by you, so its whatever you have.

I went with all pins when I started out because pin kegs will fit under my kegerator's compressor whereas pins were just a smidge too tall.

aside from that, it doesn't really make much difference - if you get the flared fittings, you can swap out to whatever rather quickly.

I have about 18 pins, but have 4 shorties that are ball lock.  no problems for me to swap around.

Joe Sr.:
I see converted pin locks for sale these days more than anything.  So the size difference becomes moot, since you have a pin lock keg with ball lock fittings.

I think you should go with whatever you can source most easily and affordably.  Functionally, there should be no difference.

Either way you go, I would strongly recommend getting the flared fittings.  It is so easy to swap between the pin and ball lock kegs that it doesn't matter which type of kegs you buy, which can be nice if you find a great deal on pin lock kegs, but you already have ball lock kegs.  Also, if you end up with ball lock kegs, but have a friend that brings over a pin lock keg, you can easily put it on your taps and they will not have to lug around any fittings or gas cylinders.

I also have both.. I like the pin locks because it is impossible to put the wrong fitting on the wrong post..If you have ever put a pin lock gas fitting on the liquid out fitting (or vice versa) it is a real PITA to get it off again... the good thing about the ball locks though, it the ease of releasing pressure in the keg via the pressure relief valve... none of my pin locks have a pressure relief valve in the cover so I have to remove the gas connector and push down on the poppet valve to relieve pressure... cheers!


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