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What BJCP category do you enter an Oud Bruin with Raspberries?


The 2008 v. of the guidelines states this in 17C, "Oud Bruin can be used as a base for fruit-flavored beers such as kriek (cherries) or frambozen (raspberries), though these should be entered in the classic-style fruit beer category" and then conflicts itself with this under Category 20 "Note that fruit-based lambics should be entered in the Fruit Lambic category (17F), while other fruit-based Belgian specialties should be entered in the Belgian Specialty Ale category (16E)" So which is it, Category 16E or 20? It's all kind of confusing if you're wanting to enter a cherry or raspberry flavored Oud Bruin e.g. Liefmans Frambozen.  :o :P

I don't think there's a conflict; I think you have some choices based on what the end product tastes like:

Is the beer sour/funky/complex enough to qualify as a fruited lambic? If so - 17F. If you just used a Flanders blend like Roselare, this probably isn't the case.

If the base beer was a really solid stylistic example of an Oud Bruin, and the raspberries add complexity without masking the base style, go with 16E.

If its a well-balanced beer that doesn't neatly fit into either of the above, go with Fruit Beer.

16E for certain.  16E states: "Some styles falling into this classification include: Fruit-based Flanders Red/Brown"

Oud Bruin = Flanders Brown


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