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I have used First-wort hopping to minimize the bitterness successfully.  I love the flavor of hops, I just use a bittering amount enough to give a counterpoise to the beer.

I FWH all of my red ales, amber ales, brown ales, porters and stouts. But when I tried it with my cirst IPA it still came out too bitter. I really like hop bursting my IPAs. I get good hop flavor without the bite. At least that is the way my citra IPA turned out.

Over in the recipe section at Tastybrew there is an all Columbus IPA called Powderhead. I've made it more than once and it's good. It has 1.071 and 92 IBU, some of those as FWH (no 60min, just FWH 30min 5min and DH). Might be worth checking out.

Thanks Oly

I have a lot of Columbus at home and have made a few all-columbus beers.  I actually think you're right on.  The one point I question is your malt bill...  I have great success with Base malt (half Marris Otter, have American pale) and some CaraPils, but that might be too light for your liking.  Who knows, the malt might balance the Columbus....


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