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can white labs sweet mead yeast ferment at low temp?

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So the Chilean wine grape season is almost here and I want to make a sweet reisling pyment. I want to use wlp720 for which the recommended temperature is 70-75F but a white wine should ferment below 50F to avoid losing aromatics in a more vigorous, higher temp fermentation. Does anyone have experience with using this yeast at cooler temps?

No idea, but I'd guess no if they say 70-75. Red Star Premier Cuvee is a white wine yeast that will ferment down to 45F. Any reason you want to use the sweet mead yeast?

You could always ferment the wine separately then blend it afterwards.

Though I imagine the cold ferment will benefit the mead too.

I've had great results with the wlp720 in my meads so it's become my go-to yeast. Many strains work well below their "optimum" temp and I hoped this might be one of them. But 20+F below the recommended temperature is probably a bit of a stretch. I'm targeting a sweet pyment and the cuvee is too alcohol tolerant at 18%. I anticipate the juice to measure around 1.080 and plan on adding 1-1.5# per gallon to bring the gravity to 1.130. The Lalvin D-47 looks like it might be a better choice with an alcohol tolerance of 14% and a low temp of 50F. This would give me an fg in the mid-1.020s which would be about my (wife's) target fg. I've made melomels but this would be my first pyment. Will a pound of honey/gallon contribute enough honey character?  I've considered blending but that means I need to make a separate batch of mead and right now fermentation fridge space, carboy space and $ will rule out that option. Thanks for the suggestions!


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